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Common Questions

What is a Live Broadcast?

Live Broadcasts are like your own personal television channel. Build your premium program content, and choose when to air it LIVE to your audience. All viewers watch the program in the same room at the same time with an interactive chat. 

Can I run On-Demand only events on Qudio?

Yes. We understand that some programming works better on-demand. If you do not require a live broadcast for any event segment or program block, on-demand only events can be built at no additional cost.

Is Qudio A Self-Service Platform?

No. Qudio is a Full-Service product. We work with you every step of the way to ensure a successful event. No technical expertise required. 

Are there fees on ticket sales?

Yes. Ticket fees start at $0.99 + 7.00% of the transaction price. 

Are there volume discounts?

Yes, If you plan to host over 30 Live Broadcasts per year, contact us for volume pricing discounts on watch parties, ticket fees, and premium add-ons.

Are there discounts for Non-Profits?

Yes. Non-profits receive discounted ticket processing and donation fees. Contact us for more details. 

How do LIVE Elements work?

Qudio can accept an RTMP stream or use a Zoom integration to facilitate the LIVE Elements of your broadcast.  A LIVE Element can be produced with just a laptop or smartphone.

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