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Qudio Helps You Earn

Qudio is the hub to sell tickets to premium content, drive donations from VIPs, or collect tips for a stellar live performance. 

Take control of your own content and how you earn money. Qudio empowers presenters to make a profit. 

One presenter sold over $100,000 in tickets on Qudio in less than 4 months

Reliable High Quality Video

Qudio enables you to share crystal-clear LIVE video streams to scalable audiences. Present pre-recorded content, or a true live broadcast, your unlimited audience can stream in up to 1080p and watch on a laptop, mobile device, or cast to a tv. 

Increase Engagement With Live

Qudio is built with the mission to keep live events LIVE! Scheduled, appointment-viewing events are proven to increase engagement when compared to on-demand only programming.

Sharing your experience with others is a crucial element of a live event. Qudio interactive chat is a key part of live virtual events, driving a sense of communal connection in our screening rooms.

Key features

Private Screening Rooms

Provide access to ticket holders, and keep out unwanted viewers. Qudio is home to premium and exclusive content that is gated from unauthorized viewers.

Robust Ticketing

Sell multiple ticket levels, accept donations, collect tips, and more - all directly in your screening room. Qudio is partnered with stripe to accept all payments. Connecting for payouts into your account is quick and easy.

Donations, Tips & More

Collecting donations and tips, and selling merchandise directly on the Qudio platform enables you to earn more and make the most of your live event.

High Bandwidth Stream

Viewers can stream up to 1080p or choose a lower resolution that fits their streaming bandwidth.

On-Demand Replay

Some people may want to watch on their own schedule. Give ticketed attendees access to an on-demand replay of each program block to view on their own schedule.

Chat Controls

Attendees can use the chat feature to discuss topics among themselves or engage in live filmmaker Q&A. Engage with your audience during any part of the presentation.

Zoom Integration

Add Live Q&A elements to programs or create a standalone Live performance! Our producers facilitate true live broadcast sessions to ensure the success of your presentation. If you have ever used Zoom, you can host a live broadcast on Qudio!

Watch Anywhere

Your audience can watch anywhere - mobile devices, laptops, or cast programs to your smart tv, Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku.

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