Attention: Film festivals who want to improve their online film festival in 2021

Stop using the On-Demand "Netflix" model for your festival

Why would someone choose to pay for your online festival content when they can get the same experience by flipping through Netflix? Right now most other festivals are stuck in this "On-Demand" line of thinking. Why? Probably they look at the success of Netflix and assume that is what the consumer wants.

Why don't we zig when others zag?

It's time to build a shiny, new model for online film festivals that reminds people WHY they actually attend film festivals.
Qudio Watch Parties are custom film programs curated by YOU, played to your audience LIVE! When you program in-person festival events, you apply your knowledge and expertise to combine individual films into programs that your audience watches in a carefully thought-out sequence. THAT is why people attend your film festival instead of spending their hard-earned dollars on other forms of entertainment competing for their attention(and their wallets). The films themselves are only part of the equation. And most other online festival tools are MISSING the other pieces that make a film festival worth attending. The art of constructing a film program block is like a puzzle, you must carefully fit the right pieces together in order to see the beauty of the finished product.

Give your online audience the social film festival experience that they're craving