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Creators and curators trust Qudio to broadcast live, ticketed virtual events.

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Qudio Helps You Earn

Qudio is the hub to sell tickets to premium content, drive donations from VIPs, or sell merchandise to your engaged audience.

Theresa Huck
Theresa HuckWild & Scenic Film Festival
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“Qudio gave Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour a survival mechanism which then allowed us to thrive in spite of COVID-19. It's really customizable so we are able to create an event that is unique to each of our hosts yet streamlined in planning and execution. Finally, Qudio staff provides top notch service and is attuned to our needs every step of the way."

Highest Quality Live Video Streams

Broadcast your content at the highest quality without any technical knowledge. Rest easy knowing that your content is protected by Hollywood grade security.

Carolyn Foster
Carolyn FosterSeatuck Environmental Association
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“We were forced to cancel our largest in-person fundraiser of 2020. With the help of the Qudio staff we were able to produce a high quality "Live Virtual" event (including music, speaking, slides and a link to our silent auction) which our supporters really enjoyed. Paul and the staff were a great resource throughout the whole process."

Increase Audience Engagement

Virtual events just aren’t the same if they’re not live. Qudio Broadcasts are appointment-viewing events, proven to increase engagement when compared to on-demand only programming.

Bill Hargraeves
Bill HargraevesSan Jose International Short Film Festival
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"I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the live video stream. It's so important for us to show films at the highest resolution possible, and Qudio delivered on that. Our viewers enjoyed the interactive chat, which was great for post program discussions and Q&A."
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